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Michael Dougherty for
Boulder County District Attorney
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Michael Dougherty

"I am thrilled to have been selected by Governor Hickenlooper to serve as the next Boulder County District Attorney. The opportunity to lead the District Attorney’s Office in this community is an incredible honor and privilege. I will work tirelessly, drawing upon my twenty years of experience as a prosecutor, to ensure public safety and achieve progressive criminal justice reform for Boulder County."

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To the Citizens of the 20th Judicial District, Longmont FOP Logo Final 100

As part of the largest law enforcement organization in Colorado, the Longmont Police Officers FOP Lodge 6 is proud to announce its support and endorsement of Michael Dougherty for Boulder County District Attorney. We recognize the leadership qualities of Michael Dougherty and his ability to effectively address the critical issues that face the citizens of 20th Judicial District in the years ahead.

As Colorado’s first line of defense in the war against crime we know how essential it is to have a District Attorney who values and understands the work of law enforcement officers. Michael Dougherty has a proven record of working with law enforcement to ensure that criminals receive the justice they deserve. He understands the need to build positive relationships within the law enforcement community, and how that translates into effective public safety. We recognize the importance of having a District Attorney who promotes the safety and welfare of the citizens of Boulder County. The position of District Attorney is commonly referred to as "the people's lawyer"; and for good cause. The District Attorney plays a key role in enforcing the law and protecting our communities. Michael has proven to be a tenacious advocate and a leading voice for everyday people.

Michael served for twelve years as a prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office including Deputy Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, and ultimately was promoted and became responsible for the management, budget, and personnel of the District Attorney’s Office. In 2009 Michael was recruited by the Colorado Attorney General to head up the Colorado DNA Justice Review Project and just months after arriving in Colorado, he was promoted to serve as the head of the Criminal Justice Section for the Attorney General.  In addition, Michael has served on numerous groups and committees with projects leading to significant criminal justice reform, such as the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, and the Colorado Best Practices Committee for Prosecutors.  Michael is currently serving as your Boulder County DA, having been recently appointed by Governor Hickenlooper. He has been endorsed by his predecessor former Boulder County DA Stan Garnett.

Michael is an aggressive prosecutor and a strong advocate for the safety and security of the people of Boulder County. A battle-tested prosecutor, he has established himself as a person of uncommon passion and integrity. His experience, passion and integrity are precisely what Boulder County needs in a District Attorney.

Electing the right person to serve as your District Attorney is a serious responsibility, one that is tremendously important to the citizens of this county. The Longmont Fraternal Order of Police believes Michael Dougherty is that person, and we strongly encourage the citizens of the 20th Judicial District to elect Michael Dougherty as their next District Attorney.

Stephen Schulz
President, Longmont Police Lodge 6
Colorado Fraternal Order of Police

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